Cat's Cradle Work Kit by Klutz

by Klutz
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  • Weight: .54 ounces
  • Made in Korea
  • Prices includes a total of 1-Pack of; Klutz Toys Cat's Cradle Book Kit

Product description

KLUTZ-Cat's Cradle Kit provides simple and ultra-clear instructions for the creation of five different string figures. The included loop of multicolored string enables children 6 years and older to create The Cup and Saucer, The Witch's Broom, and Jacob's Ladder. Winner of Parent's Choice Award.

Beldam Legs in Cauldron - Fluffy Tissue Paper Hanging Halloween Decoration - Set of 3 - 10-1/2 Inches

by Amscan
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  • Set of 3 fluffy decorations help create the right recipe for Halloween success
  • Each measures 10.5 inches in diameter
  • Makes a fun party decoration for the house or classroom

Product description

Looks like the witch may have tripped into her own cauldron of witches brew! This set of 3 Hanging Fluffy Tissue Paper Cauldron Decorations make it look like the witch is "melting" and the only thing left are her striped socks and shoes, which are sticking out of the top of the cauldron. Each tissue paper/printed paper decoration measures 10-1/2 inches in diameter. They are easy to assemble and look great hanging from the ceiling, as shown in the picture, or placed around the house or classroom on tables or shelves.

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Witches Broom (or parachute), Retire b decrease by Step, with string

Boost by step instructions for how to do Witch's Broom string figure (also called the parachute, eagle's claw, or fishing spear). This string figure how-to vi...

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Questions & answers

lilshort1210 lilshort1210 says:
What pattern of things can u make out of string? What are the steps?
I recall how to make the Effill Tower and the Witches Broom so can u tell me others?
abiona says:
tons of things!!! here are some sites with ideas and instructions, and even a brief history too. also, if you google 'string games' there are several pdf's you can download. have fun!...

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Cudgel Boredom With Klutz!
Klutz Postal card Trickery: Throw, Fan, Flourish, Spot Cheaters And Do Magic Tricks With Cards Cat's Cradle from Klutz is about A LOT more than just ONE fun game you play using just a looped string and your own two hands (that is, 10 fingers!). This volume/kit ...


Witches' Broom
Witches' Broom