Mr. Heater One-Prevent Universal Gas-Appliance Hook-Up Kit

by Mr. Heater
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  • Comes with everything needed for installing most gas appliances
  • Solid brass fittings
  • 5-piece universal gas-appliance hook-up kit

Product description

Perfect for gas logs, garage heaters, gas stoves and wall mounted heaters. Size: 3/8 inch, Compatible With: Heaters, logs, ranges, dryers, etc., Product Type: Connection kits, Fuel Type: Propane/natural gas

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Questions & answers

RSP RSP says:
no grab up for a gas dryer in new home?
I am emotional into a new rental house. there is no hook up for my gas dryer. is there a way to install this and is it expensive or do I have to buy an electric dryer? thanks in advance!
T C says:
Depending upon where the cache line is …if there is. Do you have gas water heater or gas furnace? Cost will depend on your geographical location type of unit and length of run …you might consider...

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Tense Dryer plug
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ditloa2009all ditloa2009submit
Most of my DITLOA hours were dog-tired working as a plumber's assistant... but on one of our calls, we ended up here, hooking up a gas dryer and admiring their view.
Photo by mikeporcenaluk on Flickr

We are turning our third bedroom on the double floor into a laundry room/walk in closet. The gas dryer and wasing machine hook ups are done, just waiting for the dryer to arrive.
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Gas dryer valve, at left, and gas rank valve on the right.
Gas dryer valve, at left, and gas rank valve on the right.
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gas piping Side Venting a Gas Dryer :: Not far from Quarters Connect
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Gauge Washer Hook-ups and Optional Gas Dryer Hook-up