Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Border Dryer, Umbrella Clothesline, Indoor, Outdoor

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Let make-up do what it does best with the Linomatic 500 Deluxe Outdoor Rotary Line Dryer! One of the best innovations in clothes drying since the outdoor clothesline, this rotary drying hurt is a cinch to open and close, only taking up space when you need it. Made of aluminum and high quality plastic, this laundry drying damage is tough, sturdy, durable, rust proof and weather resistant. To open, simply pull the cord at the selfish of the structure. When you are finished, simply pinch the button and allow the arms to move downward to a sturdy, untangled situate. When closed, the plastic arms that form the base of the umbrella dryer protect it from the elements. When opened, it provides 164' of clothes drying lapse! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Moderate.