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Wool Dust Mop - Big Wooly with Metal Telescoping Handgrip

by Sladust
Price: $36.95
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  • Swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning; a durable all wool head on a 12" frame - dusting area is 11" x 18"
  • All Wool Dry Mop with natural Lanolin - NO chemically laced, disposible pads required
  • Replacement (extra) heads are also available

Product description

Convenient household-size, multi-colored wool dust mop. Made from genuine wool. The swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning. The NEW, DURABLE VELCRO® backing allows for quick & easy removal of the dust head from its 12" frame for laundering. Comes complete with a metal telescoping handle; extends to 59". Dusting area measures 11" x 18". This is an all natural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads. Replacement heads are available, which are also washable and reusable.

Nine Forty Industrial Perseverance 3-Piece Cotton Dust Mop Wedge Kit with Frame and Aluminum Extension Handle

Price: $35.95
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  • The Cotton Mops Commercial Heavy Duty Stitching Extends Mop Service Life, Improves Performance and Launderability
  • Dust Mop Head brought to you by Nine Forty is Hand Made in the USA from High Quality Cotton Blend Yarn
  • Aluminum Dust Mop Handle Telescopes Ranging from 42" to 72" Long; Allowing it to Reach Vaulted Ceilings, Under Objects, or Adjust to Various User Heights

Product description

This complete kit is the perfect mop for hard to reach places. It can be used to clean hardwood floors or under/behind furniture. The most advantageous use is for textured surfaces such as ceilings that often collect dust and spider webs. The aluminum extension handle can adjust from 42" (great for storing) to 72" which allows it to reach high ceilings or reach under/behind objects. The dust mop head is designed for industrial use, giving it a long service life allowing the consumer to get a good value for the price.

Fiesta Red Swim Mop I Mop Bucket | Fuller Brush Co. I Stanley Home Products

Hands Safe from Moping System! Use a clean mop head every time without touching dirty, soapy water. Clean up dirt, dust, and other messes from marble, tile, lamin...

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The one possession I can do following the surgery is light cleaning around the house. Cookie's mother was a whizz at household cleaning, as am I. Still, I do like that lived in look. But when pushed, I can form a house shine and sparkle. So read through this and find the items that would help you most:. 1) According to the late Joan Crawford, the fastest and easiest way to bath your home if it is to never let it get dirty. Everything should have a place and everything should be in that place, except when you are using it. Simple. Vacuum every two days, then moisture dust. Use your dishes, wash your dishes, then put them away. 2) If you aren't JC, good for you, and actually live in your house, can't afford a maid and aren't absorbed in as tight as a laCrawford, you are going to get some messy patches. The following method works well if you house is under 2,500 square feet:. Stalk through all the rooms and make a mental note of their condition, and start in the messiest room to get it out of the way. Declutter all of the non plumbed rooms, one principal after the other. Do not dust or sweep - that comes later. Simply put everything away. If you pick something up that belongs in another room, take that item to its exact room and place it where it belongs and then return to the room you are working on. I know that people say you can save a lot of effect making piles to swallow to... Remember, if you pick it up, put it back. Its good to move about. Vacuum each room, one after another - you get it all done at once. Damp dust each room, one after another. No amount what they say about swiffers, a good deal of fine dust simply goes airborn with those buggers. The only way to trap dust is a slightly damp rag in one hand, and a dry rag in the other. If your mini blinds call cleaning, find a day when you can do all of them at once. Do the windows inside with Windex or another glass cleaner, one after another. Just clean them. 3) Never buy those gel pellets at Bed Bath and Beyond (or any other put by for that matter) to clean your garbage disposal. Instead, throw five or six ice cubes into the disposal and run it until its silent. The ice cleans the blades and the sides as its being earth down. If you use a coffee pot, fill it up with HOT water and drop a couple tablets in and let it soak while you are work, then wash. The tablets set up down the coffee oils and lifts them from the glass. Also they work on ceramic coffee mugs. Toss a couple in your ladies' room bowl before going to work. When you get home, use the toilet brush or Johnny Mop. The tablets will bubble out the fine particulate matter that hackneyed brushing misses. Leaves your toilet minty fresh. 6) Stay away from convenience wipes. Commercially made convenience wipes just don't the job done. And, if you don't take an interest in the wiping with these buggers, the cleaning solution that gets up the dirt simply evaporates leaving the dirt behind that didn't get composed by the cloth. 8) Get a good vacuum, use it and maintain it. That means every now and then, clean the outside and the innereds. (dba Shopping) Non-restricted Connect 4-Piece All Purpose Cleaning Set
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Made of sheer, densely packed synthetic fibers, this microfiber mop head can absorb up to 7 times ... Sold as one unit. (1 portion = 6 each.) Soft microfiber attracts and holds dust, dirt and hair. Reusable and machine washable pad. Use wet or dry. Double ...


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Fuller Brush: Chemically Treated Dust Mop
Fuller Brush: Chemically Treated Dust Mop
Fuller Brush Treated Dust Mop Superior —
Fuller Brush Treated Dust Mop Superior —
Dust Removing Mop, Dry Astonish Cotton Mop, Fuller Brush Chemical Treated ...
Dust Removing Mop, Dry Astonish Cotton Mop, Fuller Brush Chemical Treated ...