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Settled Mop Refill

by Fuller Brush
Price: $10.04
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  • 100% cotton yarn is tension twisted for ultimate strength and durability
  • Mop head absorbs four times its weight in water, resulting in faster cleaning time
  • Replacement mop head fits the Fuller Brush Wet Mop for extended cleaning life

Product description

Extend the life of your Fuller Brush Wet Mop with this cotton yarn replacement head. Made from absorbent, 100% cotton yarn, the Fuller Brush Wet Mop will give your floors a superior clean every time. The super-absorbent Fuller Brush Wet Mop Replacement Head fits perfectly onto your Fuller Brush Wet Mop, extending the life and versatility of your favorite mop.

Fuller Brush Faultless Wet Mop

by Full Brush Company
Price: $27.99
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  • Nothing cleans floors better than our Cotton mop
  • 100percent Cotton strands are tension twisted for superior strength
  • Hand hang-up hole for convenient storage

Product description

Nothing cleans floors better than our cotton mop! 100percent cotton strands are tension twisted for superior strength. Mop head absorbs four times its weight in water for faster cleaning. Includes adjustable telescopic Threaded steel handle which adjusts to any length from 29 inches to 52 inches. Hand hang-up hole for convenient storage. Wet mop head is made in the USA, the handle is made overseas.

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    Eng. hd. colored 1858 etching of huntsman & dogs “The Eng. Game Keeper”, Denton colored fish prints inc. carp-gold fish etc., Carry photo of “Ransom B. Fuller” in nice Tramp Art frame s.s. 20”x16”, Litho. “Lover's Delusion” (powder jar, hair receiver

  • Norman's Attic of Memories

    There were products from Watkins, a retinue that sold so many things for the mistress of the house, from vanilla to facial products and mops, products to clean with and to ameliorate furniture as well as other products to fascinate and tempt the lady of

Fuller Brush - 2013 Oecumenical Home + Housewares Show

Fuller Brush http://www.fuller.com/ presents the Protract Mop and the Clinical Clean Mop at the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show. The 3-in-1 Spin Mop fe...

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What are the uses for the differently shaped limn brushes and different fibers used?
I am new to painting and have academic everything I know the hard way, by trial and error. I use acrylic paints and I do like nylon fiber brushes. I don't know the right names for the shaped brushes (I'd love to learn!) I don't know the...
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    1. Fuller Brush Concern, since 1906 MY ACCOUNT; Log In; REGISTER; Shop. CLEANING. All House; Bathroom; Floor; Home Scents; Kitchen; Laundry; Insulting Care; Vitamins ...
    2. Brooms & Mops; Floors & Carpet; Community House Cleaning; Hair Brushes; Kitchen; Laundry; Closest Care; Personal Care; Room Refreshers; ... Suffered to Fuller Brush ...
    3. Fuller Brush Mops - 23 results like Fuller Brush Invent Mop, Fuller Brush Dry Mop Kit, Fuller Brush Wet Mop Complete, Fuller Cotton Dust Mop, Fuller Cotton Wet Mop ...
    4. Since 1906 Fuller Brush Company has been providing households with mops and brooms that have lasted the check of time.
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Beat Mops | Rubber Flooring UK
Beat Mops | Rubber Flooring UK
Fuller Brush: Chemically Treated Dust Mop
Fuller Brush: Chemically Treated Dust Mop