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ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Complication-free Suction for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, with Mop and Water Tank - Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot, DEEBOT N78

Price: $329.00
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  • Tangle-free, powerful suction picks up hair, debris and dirt easily and efficiently. Perfect for households with pets. Long lasting battery provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning time, giving you more free time to enjoy your day!
  • Multiple cleaning modes (Auto / Spot / Edge) with an optional mopping system so you can sweep and vacuum your floors in a single pass! (With additional wet mop for smaller spaces)
  • Automatic docking, automatic charging and automatic daily cleaning require little human intervention. (NB: May require intervention if charging dock is in a different room). 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty on robot, 6-month on battery.

Product description

The innovative DN78 seamlessly integrates high technology, beautiful appearance and excellent performance into a premium cleaning experience. DN78 sweeps, vacuums and mops your floors, cleaning stuck-on mess.

iClebo Arte YCR-M05-50 Conquer Mapping Smart Robotic Robot Vacuum Cleaning Cleaner for Home / Office (Color Red)

by iClebo
Price: $430.00
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  • Manufactured in Korea(South). US electric plug adapter is included in the package (as the listing picture),
  • English User's Guide is provided in the package.
  • Cleans up to 94% more than other robot cleaners, 2 in 1 Vacuum and mops at the same time, 15 sensor monitor iClebo to minimize collisions, Camera Recognition Vision Mapping & Navigation System

Product description


Brand Name : iClebo Arte
Model Name: YCR-M05-50
Color: Red
Manufactured in Korea(South)
Korean User's Guide is basically included in the package
English User's Guide is provided in the package


-Charging Power Consumption: Below 1.4W
-Main body Power Consumption: 12 W
-Voltage: 100V ~ 240V
-Battery: Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
-Audio S/N: 90dB (1KHz)
-Diameter: 35cm
-Weight: 2.8 Kg
-Filter: Antibacterial filter
-Sensor: Camera, IR, PSD, Gyro, Encoder, Bumper
-Charging time: 110 min.
-Usage Time:
120 min. (based on normal floor)
-Can climb up to 2cm of doorsill or carpet to clean every corner of the house
-Ultra-light 2.5kg and height of 8.9cm.

Shipping: Expedited Shipping, Ship from Korea(South)
Expedited Shipping takes 3~5 business days from shipping date from South Korea.

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Kendra T Kendra T says:
Does the Roomba pick up sand? There are connected reviews out there on this robot vacuum.?
I am point of view about getting one for my cousin in Belize. She says there is always sand getting tracked into the house from outside and she has to sweep multiple times a day. She would passion to turn something on and be able to leave. She is...
judy b says:
yes the roombas do pick up sand. I have owned my roomba for over a year now and I girlfriend it. You just have to make sure your room is "roomba proofed"-don't leave any power cords in it's way or socks...

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