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Description Genuine Euro-Pro Shark Navigator Lift-Away Repair Parts Genuine Shark Power Cord 25 ft. long

Car Vacuum Cleaner, Hikeren DC 12-Volt 106W Wet&Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner,16.4FT(5M)Power String with 2 HEPA Filters,One Carry Bag (Black)Upgraded Version

by Hikeren
Price: $36.99
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  • REMOVABLE & WASHABLE HEPA FILTER: Hikeren car vacuum with two HEPA filter which is detachable and easy to be cleaned.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Hikeren car vacuum supports dry and wet application. 3 accessories (Long Mouth, Brush, Soft Long Tube) for your car vac make Hikeren car vacuum easy to clean every corner of your car.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Hikeren car vacuum has CE, ROHS Certification. 12volt, 106w, 3.0KPA suction. 75db low noise can effectively clean the dust inside the car.

Product description


1. With Connector to Thoroughly Clean the inside
2. Quickly clean tiny sundry in the car
3. Dry and wet application,combination of two functions
4. With brush to clean away dust
5. Each Vacuum Cleaner with Carry Bag

Note meaning

Care Instruction:
This Vacuum cleaner is limited to DC12V input,and forbid children to use;
Ease use the vacuum cleaner in the place with air circulation,and open the car engine to avoid consuming the battery power
Must turn it off after using it continuously for 15 to make it have rest,and can use it only after it is cooled;
This vacuum cleaner is applicable only to the general vehicles,and please do not leave when using this product;
Please clean the vacuum filter and the front cover regulary to extend the life of the machine;
Please place the vacuum cleaner in the dry place after using it,and avoid sunlight,rain or collision.

Product Characteristics:

Can effectively clean the dust inside the car and its extended mouth can clean all corners of your car;
With brush which can thoroughly clean your car;
Dry and wet application can quickly absorb the spilled liquid inside the car (except corrosive,flammable and explosive liquid);
Can disassemble and wash the Hypalon filfter to make the vacuum cleaner have maximum and continuous cleaning efficiency.

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. . says:
how much would you try to market a broken but brand new Shark vacuum for parts on craigslist?
I hardened it twice. The second time it started to smell and made a weird noise. So i am getting sent a replacement and this one is to be kept "for parts" (according to the customer service force). I bought it for $140. How much would you try to...
Richard D says:
Not able to find a buyer--and I wouldn't bother about for free either. Keep it. You might need a hose or other easily chnageable part yourself.

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