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Rowenta ZD100 Non-Toxic Stainless Inure Soleplate Cleaner Kit for Steam Irons

by Groupe SEB
Price: $11.34
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  • Simple, regular cleaning will keep the soleplate in its original condition and protect your iron
  • Cleaner is non toxic
  • Using the soleplate cleaner can improve the glide and make it easier to iron once build up from clothes, starch or melted synthetic fibers is removed

Product description

The rowenta zd100 soleplate cleaning kit contains a specially formulated cream that cleans soleplates by removing the draggy coating caused by excess starch, detergent build up and burned on synthetics. It is also ideal at removing melted webs, fusibles, iron on interfacings and trims. The cleaning kit is appropriate on all types of soleplates. Kit contains: 1-ounce tube of soleplate cleaner; application cloth; polishing /finishing cloth and set of instructions.

[Upgraded Kind] Portable Garment Steamer, 4-in-1 Home Handheld Fabric Steamer, Steamers for Clothes, Mini Household Roam Iron Perfect for Ironing, Sterilizing, Cleaning and Killing Bacteria

by Besteamer
Price: $169.99
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  • KINDLY TIPS: Please fill water below the maximum level of water tank to reduce hot water shooting out from the spout; Keep up your correct posture to Ironing, never tilt the steamer past a 45-degree angle. Make sure no water splash on the start button when using. We presented a manual, please read carefully and to install and use according to the instructions before use.
  • [NOTICE: WE ARE Besteamer with the brand authorized sellers shipped from FBA.,please DO NOT ORDER from other FAKE buyers there. ]UPGRADED VERSION & SAFE: Irons for clothes with overheat protection, it automatic powers off when water runs low. When the temperature is low, it will work again. No risk of damage to clothes and designed for ultimate safety.
  • FOUR-in-ONE FUNCTION: Ironing and Sterilizing, Safe to removing all wrinkles from your steam iron, upholstery, drapery, bedding, table linens and more, fabric steamers for clothes can be used on fabrics; like wool, cotton, silk, satin, poly and more. Cleaning: Two (2) convenient removable attachments Lint Brushes and Fabric Brush to meet steaming needs. Killing Bacteria: fabric steamers for clothes with fast heat-up can kill up to 99.9% of germs without the use of harsh chemicals.

Product description

Features home clothes steamer:
i) Safe to use on all types of fabric
ii) Removable brush and lint-remover attachments
iii) Newest nozzle design distributes steam powerfully and evenly to remove the stubborn wrinkles.
iv) Water heats up and wrinkle-busting steam is emitted in 2 minutes.
v) Water tank lasts for 10 minutes of continuous steaming.
vi) Lightweight and compact
vii) Continuous steam running time at 14 minutes
viii) Automatic safety shutoff
Veii) Easy carry, store and use.

Item Dimension of perfect iron: 9.6 x 4.1(inch)
Cord Length of portable steam: 100 inch
Tank Capacity of home steamer: 180ml
Power: 800W
Voltage: 110V 50Hz
Heat up time: in fewer 2 minutes
Working time: 10 minutes

Package Include:
1 * Garment Steamer
1 * Lint Brushes
1 * Fabric Brush
1 * User Manual

Warning! For safety!
Tips of mini travel iron:
1. Please use this fabric steamer when the water is neither under the min level nor exceeding max level.
2. Tilt too much or an excessive amount of water inside will cause water spit out, and make sure no water splash on the start button when using.
3. When using the close steamer, the voltage must not exceed 110V. You'll have to buy the special adapter/converter if it??s 220V.

About our services
If you have any questions about our household steamer, please leave your messages, we promise to reply you within 24 hours and offer you best services.

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Questions & answers

beccan beccan says:
How to good a steam iron and vertical venetian blinds?
Hello: Can anyone instruct me how to clean a steam iron? I've got a lot of hard burned stuff on it and I dont know what to clean it with. I tried comet cleanser but that doesnt work sedately. Also, how can I get my vertical venetian blinds clean? Do I...
Anne says:
Use the arm linking on your vacuum for the vertical blinds. It may take longer but it will get the job done right.

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