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Knape & Vogt QT35LB-PT Trash Can Lid, 1.31-Inch by 14.5-Inch by 9.56-Inch

by Knape & Vogt
Price: $11.00
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  • Fits a Knape & Vogt 35-quart trash bin
  • Conceals bin contents and holds plastic bag securely in place
  • Platinum finish

Product description

The Knape & Vogt Platinum 35-Quart Waste Bin Lid is an ideal addition for any Knape & Vogt pull-out trash unit that utilizes 35-Quart waste bins. Feature a stay-open position. Conceals bin contents and hold plastic bag securely in place.

Rubbermaid Trash Can Lid, 32-Gallon

Price: $9.64
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  • Efficiently and effectively seals away odors
  • Durable and strong
  • Handles on the side allow lid to be easily opened

Product description

This durable lid is an extra lid for the 32 gallon roughneck trash can No.824-466. Fits securely and tightly onto trash can safely so you do not have to worry about it coming loose or blowing away in the wind.

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How to cement garbage can lid to can... KEEP-A-LID

From Prime Solutions comes Board-A-LID -- a product that keeps your garbage can lid attached to your garbage can where it should be. Our patent pending design...

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