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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Dwell Vacuum SH20030

by Hoover
List price: $63.34
Price: $63.33
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  • 20 Foot Power Cord with Cord Release
  • Extreme Recline Handle - reach far under furniture easily
  • Powered Brushroll with Cyclonic Technology - transitions from hard flooring to area rugs and low pile carpeting easily

Product description

'HOOVER SH20030 CYCLONIC STICK VAC. Lightweight stick vacuum, wind tunnel technology removes embedded dirt & minimizes blowback & scatter on carpet, power brush roll, bottom release dirt cup with cyclonic technology, extreme recline handle , edge cleaning bristles, wide cleaner mouth for larger debris

Fit-Towel Car Base Cover Microfiber Auto Seat Protector Quick-Dry Absorbent Silicon Secure Non-Slip Odor Free Limitless Fit - Machine Washable Car Seat Protector with Storage Bag by TiiL (Black)

by Tilstar
Price: $40.00
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  • LOCK-TIGHT CORD CLIPS THAT ALLOW FOR EASY ATTACHMENT PLUS CAREFULLY SELECTED MATERIALS FOR COMFORT AND DURABILITY - The car seat protector features adjustable, lock-tight cord clips that stay securely in place. TiiL auto seat covers are great for all seat types, are super grippy and won't stain, stick or tear off. Your mat protector won't smell, heat up in the sun, peel, crack or leave residue - perfectly designed with your ultimate comfort in mind.
  • BREATHABLE MICROFIBER THAT COOLS SKIN ON HOT DAYS - Some seat covers are made from bulky neoprene that's hard to stash and wash, becoming smelly after a few uses. They also retain heat, becoming extremely hot when the car is left in the sun and leave sticky backing on your seat. Our seat cover for cars offer a machine-washable, bacteria-resistant, breathable microfiber that acts as a cooling agent against uncomfortable hot leather seats. While still absorbing sweat and protecting your seats.
  • WIDE SEAT PORTION ENSURES COVERAGE FOR ALL CAR SEATS - Universal design for all seat models, ideal for daily workout routines for outdoor adventurers, athletes, yogis, busy moms, cyclists, kids and sports lovers. Designed to protect seats from dirt or sweat and keep you cool while absorbing sweat, TiiL car cover seats offer generous seat width. The "Easy on, Easy off" design means you can protect your seats when you need to, and enjoy your actual seats when you want to.

Product description

Are You Looking for Light, Compact Car Seat Covers to Shield Your Carseat From Sweat, Dirt, Rain or Snow?

Designed in London and created in Los Angeles, TiiL is the vision of the Tilley brothers - Bevan, a London-based Product Designer and Jon, an Entrepreneur from LA. TiiL's design approach focuses on bringing simplicity and beauty to modern living. Inspired by the brother's passion for fitness and their love of sports cars, the FiT car seat cover was born.

The Fit-Towel all weather car towel seat covers are designed for on-the-go sweat protection and will add great value and enjoyment to the everyday, modern lifestyle.

Designed with thought, care and your exact needs in mind, here's what you can expect from our best car seat covers:

Generous seat width coverage for all seat types
Triple z-stitch cords to ensure maximum support
Extra middle strap for an even snugger fit
Cord-clips that allows simple and easy attachment
Designed for on-the-go sweat protection
Super absorbent microfiber form-fitting material
Silicon non-slip technology with lock-tight drawstrings
Universal size covers that fit all car models
Easy to fit with hassle free time-saving assembly
Breathable built-in mesh bag that allows for air-drying
Protect seats from dirt or sweat after work-outs

As a Company we strive to design innovative, high-quality car accessories that are built to last. What's more, customer satisfaction is our primary concern. That's why your purchase is backed by our Lifetime Quality Guarantee, to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Julie W Julie W says:
What's the carpet cleaner that was heavily advertised on TV in April 2011?
About the ease of the royal wedding (end April 2011) there was a TV ad for a carpet cleaner on heavy rotation. Not a foam or spray, or a vacuum cleaner, but a carpet cleaner. I think it was available from Homebase (number other places). Might...
perfectishard says:
Oxi-Dry-clean will have any stain out in no time, guarenteed!!!

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Dubbed 'Lover', the Trojan bug worms its way into computer systems and reportedly turns infected machines into listening devices. Photo credits: AFP ........***** All images are copyrighted by their corresponding...
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www.messersmith.elect/wordpress/2011/05/04/dumb-things-i-s... I am presently sitting in my hosts' . . . uh, I don't know that to call it . . . sitting lodgings (?) watching a TV commercial for Farmer's Mutual Insurance...
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April 14, 2011 Obama's Procedure? He Doesn't Have One By Neil Snyder One thing stands out in my mind about President Obama's so-called "budget strategy." He doesn't have one. You can see bear witness of Mr....
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