Beat Value Award RolliCute Robotic Vacuum - Extra Large Container, Allergen & Pet Hair Filter, Pets/Kids At home Design

by Rollibot
Price: $99.99
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  • CLEANS WHERE OTHERS CAN'T - The low profile RolliCute uses 2 edge brushes to clean deep into corners and under furniture.
  • ELIMINATES PET HAIR & ALLERGENS - Breathe easier. An air filter helps trap allergy-causing particles and pet hair.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Simply power up your RolliCute cleaning robot, and watch it automatically clean for up to 80 minutes.

Product description

The RolliCute is one of the most versatile and powerful robotic vacuums on the market today. This robotic vacuum cleaner is simple and easy to use. Simply turn it on and watch as it automatically scurries from room to room, sweeping and vacuuming debris for up to 80 minutes on a single charge.

Whether you have pets that like to leave hair behind in the carpets or kids that like to leave a trail of cookies for you to find, the Rollicute can handle it all.

At a compact height of 3", the RolliCute robot floor cleaner can effectively clean low-pile carpet, hard floors, tile, and can tackle LARGE messes while reaching into small spaces.

The dual spinning brushes make quick work of dust and pet hair, pushing all debris into the vacuum's suction area. Additionally, each RolliCute comes with a detachable microfiber cloth that adheres to the bottom of the unit allowing you to dry mop your floor easily.

The RolliCute's low-profile design allows it to move deep into corners and under furniture, making sure your home is free of dirt, allergens, and other harmful particles. The RolliCute carries an extremely large detachable dust bin and uses an air filter to lock in debris and purify the air as it cleans. Cleaning and maintaining your Rollibot is easy. Just dump out the detachable dust bin, rinse, and get on with your day!

When it comes to robotic cleaning, when you're cleaning with the RolliCute, you're cleaning with the best! Using built-in sensors and smart movements, RolliCute will move in the most effective pattern for cleaning while navigating around furniture and avoiding drops or falls.

At RolliBot we stand by our products and offer a 1-year limited warranty on all of our automatic vacuum cleaners. Pet owners, parents, and anyone who wants the wonderful feeling of clean floors every day can now sit back, relax, and let our automated vacuum handle the rest!

RolliCute. Cleaning has never been this cute. Order yours today!

Lowering + Decker Lithium Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner (Navy)

by Black + Decker
Price: $40.78
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  • Lithium Technology for Strong Suction
  • Lightweight and Portable for ease of use
  • Translucent Bagless Dirt Bowl is easy to see dirt and easy to empty

Product description

This hand vacuum features Lithium Technology for strong suction. It's lightweight and portable for ease of use, and includes a washable bowl and filter for thorough cleaning. Translucent Bagless Dirt Bowl is easy to see dirt and easy to empty.

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I am looking for a virtue canister vacuum cleaner. I need some advice on which ones are best. Do you have any ideas on what vacuums are best? Or where can I find reviews on vacuum cleaners?
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