WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Adapter WS25011A 2-1/2-Inch To 1-1/4-Inch Boundless Shop Vacuum Hose Adapter for Shop Vacuum Accessories

by WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs
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  • Universal shop vacuum adapter allows users to continue to use the 2-1/2-inch diameter hoses for larger debris collection and maximum airflow, but use 1-1/4-inch diameter when connecting smaller tools, attachments and accessories
  • Wet dry vacuum adapter connects 1-1/4-inch wet dry vacuum accessories to a 2-1/2-inch wet/dry vac hose
  • Suck It Up. Get It Done. with WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacs WS25011A wet dry vacuum adapter helps get more use out of your shop vacuum

Product description

If you have 1-1/4-inch diameter wet dry vacuum accessories and a 2-1/2-inch diameter hose, this wet dry vacuum adapter is just what you need. Get the maneuverability of the smaller vacuum attachments when you need it, and still be able to utilize the 2-1/2-inch hose for the big jobs.

2wayz Bait Hose Splitter. Newly Upgraded (2017): 100% Secured, Bolted & Threaded Metal Body. Easy Grip, Smooth Dream of Handles Garden Hose y valve. Bonus included: 3 Washers.

by G&S Investments LTD
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  • FAMILY SAFETY FIRST. Our heavy duty metal splitter (0.0019% lead in alloy!) is now bundled with 10 rubber gaskets. Don't go anywhere, we've got you covered!
  • NEWLY UPGRADED (2017), LIFETIME GUARANTEED, BOLTED COMPONENTS. Inlet & outlet will never fall even after extensive use. After many months of lab trials, our expert engineers have completely reconstructed critical components of the splitter. The 2 spouts are now fastened with metal bolts, and won't disconnect. The neck is affixed with threads, forever anchoring the two parts. We're bald, this item will hold, or you take your money back. This never gets old: UNLIMITED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
  • NO MORE LEAKS. NO MORE WATERSHED. Long and smooth thread with rubber ring at female end will make leaks a long forgotten experience. Touchy? No problem. Full rubber cover makes working with the splitter easy in all kinds of weather.

Product description

Are You Ready to Unlock the Potential of Your Spigot?

High Quality, Durable, and Sturdy are just SOME of the Amazing Features!
2wayz has completely revamped the internal and external construction of the splitter for 2017. Housed in metal, bolted with screws, and fastened with threads, we provide you with a sturdy, leak free experience which will last forever. First to market, our design has sparked countless copycats, but customers continue flock to our superior quality and design.

Imagine the limitless uses the 2wayz Garden Hose Splitter can provide!
Built for the professional gardener as well as the regular homeowner. Expand the spigots you currently have, create a complicated drip irrigation system, fix an alternative to a full blown irrigation system; the potential is unlimited!

Safe for the kids, the garden, and the environment!
Thanks environmental and safety minded engineering, 2wayz Garden Hose Splitter is lead free, allowing your whole family to work the hoses in safety and tranquility. Be prepared to listen to the irrigation system trickling all over your organic farm in harmony, feeling confident that your food bounty is healthy, robust, and chemical free.

Simple to install, simple to operate, and ergonomic!
Installing the 2 way splitter is as simple and hassle free as it sounds! To tame your tangled mess of hoses, all you need to do is connect the main to the spigot, and attach your hoses to one of the faucets. The clean and durable TPR rubber coating of the metal housing provides easy grip, even when your hands are wet! The smooth long levers make it perfect for people with stiff hands or arthritis. No more using a wrench to turn the water on and off!

Start saving water, time & money using our upgraded 2017 revolutionary everlasting design.

Add to Cart NOW, and join the family of our happy customers!

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$12.99 (dba Shopping) BOSCH RA1176AT Router Dust Hood Kit, 1-63/64 In
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Questions & answers

eternal_goof eternal_goof says:
How can you repossess where there is a leak in a vacuum cleaner hose?
I'm tough to fix my Eureka vacuum cleaner (model number 4495a-1). It is a bagless vacuum and nothing that I vucuum up makes it to the cannister. All of the debris sits in the divide of the hose that runs from the brush area through the base of...
mikeinportc says:
Wipe soapy qualify on the outside of the hose, & turn it on . Should be able to tell where hole is .

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